Bowen Class of 1969

Look Who's Coming

Alma Ruth "Cookie" Shaw Andrea Cooper Finkle Andrea Pawlow Annette Paprocki Dobrzeniecki Arlene Steinberg Barbara Levin Schwartz Barbara Olbur Barbara Patinka Barbara Schifrin Pevtzow Barry Cherney Bob Grauer Bob Mandell Bobby Popper Bonnie Boersma Stebnicki Brett Weiss Bruce Brandwein Carol Fineberg Mason Metzger Carol Markowski Southerland Carol Sundstrom Cathy Wolf Zack Charlotte Dodd Chuck Barron Chuck Tannenbaum David Girson Debra Silverstein Kingston Diane Gorbien Roubitchek Ed Bernard Edward Maslov Ellen Bulmash Kaplan Ellen Weinberg Dreyfus Ellen Witkovsky Cervantes Ellie Snell Elyse Leving Martin Ethan Goldstein Evie Adelman Frank Galman Gary Goodfriend Gary Hoffman Gary Kral George McMurray Helen Strauss Bernstein-Abrams Howard Frank Howard Jacob Ira Isaacson Jack Sills Jan Starr Janice Nepon Sixt Jean Rouda Josette Songco Judy Singer Fleischer Karen Fortuna Navoy Karen Taitel Shapiro Karin Lotito Meyers Kathy Rzyski Murphy Padgett Larry Bier Larry Nierman Larry Unger Laura Gavzer Schwartz Leslie Ansel Lianne Scher Anderson Linda Blotnicki Engel Linda Brohe Kahn Linda Burgeson Knight Linda Hutter Mendelsohn Linda Kaminsky Fetters Mark Schechter Mark Stella Marla Eisman Nowak Marsha Ingwer Kasanov Martin Okner Maxine Shapiro Michael Bellows Michael Saltzman Michael Zitter Mitchell Claver Mitchell Palmer Nanci Pritikin Fisher Nathan Gordon Nina Pritikin Zale Norm Milsk Phyllis Volk Randy Sullivan Renee Yuditsky Richard Weinberg Wohns Rick Hollander Rob Robins Robert Platt Robert Wolfson Roberta Piedra Robyn Duenow Roger Horn Sandy Kauffman Sharon Gutmann Fine Sheila Suskin Steve Fish Steve Spitz Steven Gutow Steven Saposnik Steven Schwartz Steven Steinberg Stuart Teichner Susan Coffey Fischer Susan Guido Razo Susann Fenberg Hoffman Susan Kurland Terrance Bakowski Tom Mendelson Vicki Feld Meilach Vicki Stern Wittert Viki Iffland Vivian Thomas Yael Buchsbaum Vitello

We are putting together a Memory Book for our 50th Reunion, July 20, 2019.

The contact information, that you provide, will be included in the Memory Book.

This will be available to all 1969 Graduates.

It will not be made public, on Facebook or the website.

 ·    We’ll email you the link to the completed Memory Book.

·     All responses need to go to

·    DO NOT post on the website or the Facebook group page.

These are public, not private sites.






Address: _______________________________


Email Address___________________________


Be creative and share information about yourself!

These are suggestions to help you get started.

Feel free to share anything else that you think would be

interesting, or entertaining, about you or your High School experiences.


Family info.. (Yes, you can include pets!)

Places you’ve lived.

Where do you currently live?

What is your favorite team?

What was the dumbest thing you did in high school?

Did you have fun doing it?

During High School, what news event occurred

that still stands out to you?

Did you have any great vacations

or camp experiences?

Are you planning any vacations?

Who was your favorite Bowen teacher, and why?

What was your favorite South Side restaurant and/or carry out?

Tell us about your current favorite past-time.

After high school, who has been the

most famous / influential person you’ve met?

If you could change one aspect of your

high school experience, what would that be?

What has been your best job? What was your worst job?

 Our 50th Reunion Will Be A Grand Slam at
Harry Caray's Italian Steakhouse, 33 W. Kinzie St., Chicago
        Game Time: 7PM, Saturday, July 20, 2019        
  Limited Open Bar
  Food Stations  
  Dessert Station
      $95 / per person

To Score A Reservation & Cover All Bases
Please Pitch  Your $45/pp Deposit, by October 23, 2018*
*Start Date of the 2018 World Series!
Right Off The Bat, You’ll Score A Memorable Memento at the Reunion!
 Or  Please Send $95, Now.
This Will Help Us Fund Pre-Event Deposits
 If you want to send a check, email Laura Schwartz for directions
Pay with Zelle or Quick Pay thru your bank:
Can’t Wait To Catch Up  & Hit This Reunion Outta The Park!
Contact Brett Weiss

Kinzie Hotel | 20 West Kinzie, Street, Chicago, IL 60654
Based upon high ratings, proximity to Harry Caray's,and competitive rates, we are holding
a room block Friday, July 19th and Saturday, July 20th. Make reservations early to guarantee a room @ 312.395.9000 or 312.395.7052  Ask for “Bowen High School Reunion.”

If you would like to order a Bowen T-shirt or hat to pick up at the 1969 Reunion, go to and then click on Merchandise.
You can place your order on-line. All profits fund scholarships for Bowen students. The deadline to order is June 14th.